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Meet the Angle Center Team

With a mix of students, faculty and industry professionals, we are a team of dedicated individuals who all share one passion, to increase Endicott's entrepreneurial culture by providing guidance, resources, and experience to our community.

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The Angle Center for Entrepreneurship's founders Colin and Erika Angle

Colin and Erika Angle


Colin and Erika Angle have proven their entrepreneurial skills time and time again as they both serve as founders, CEOs and investors in large and impactful companies such as IRobot, and Counterpoint Health Solutions. They serve as inspiration to all of the students who are involved in the Angle Center for Entrepreneurship. 

Executive Leadership
Exec Leadership
The Angle Center for Entrepreneurship's Executive Director Gina Deschamps

Gina Deschamps

Executive Director

Gina Deschamps is the Executive Director  and Chair of the Angle Center for Entrepreneurship at Endicott College. With a rich tapestry of experience that blends corporate expertise with entrepreneurial insight, Gina steers the ship with a practical and seasoned approach. Her professional journey is marked by tenures in Fortune 500 companies, where she honed her skills in navigating the business world. Adding a familial touch to her repertoire, Gina has played a pivotal role in her family's 103-year-old printing business—one of the largest in New England. This dual perspective, spanning both the corporate and entrepreneurial realms, uniquely positions Gina to lead the Angle Center, bringing a wealth of practical wisdom to the forefront. Her commitment to fostering an environment where innovation and business acumen thrive is at the core of her role as the Executive Director and Chair.

“We have an historic basis of entrepreneurial thinking here at Endicott. We have worked very hard to create a strong foundation of entrepreneurial thinking, complete with the tools needed to help our students develop their ideas."

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Ryan Curley

Graduate Assistant

Ryan Curley is an entrepreneur and current Graduate Assistant at the Angle Center for Entrepreneurship at Endicott College. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, along with a Minor in Graphic Design, Ryan has demonstrated his commitment to entrepreneurship through practical experiences. As a Graduate Assistant at the Angle Center, he plays a role in auditing student businesses, coaching entrepreneurs, and contributing to initiatives like the Angle Center Speaker Series and the creation of a venture fund for student startups. From co-founding Launch Partners to crafting GTM strategies at Value Creation Labs, Ryan's diverse experiences reflect his dedication to navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Club Executive Board
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Ryan Archer



Amanda Drager

Vice President

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Aidan Russell

Vice President


Angle Center Mentors

Our mentors are the guiding light that help direct our students down their entrepreneurial paths. The Angle Center has made a concerted effort to collaborate with professionals across all different industries so we can provide guidance for all of our student entrepreneurs no matter what their interests may be. 

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